Are you an ambitious person who wants to take charge of your future and become the best version of yourself?

Would you like to be surrounded by people who want the same and will empower you to live a life of freedom and significance?

Join my exclusive Mastermind Community where you will receive monthly live teachings in a collaborative group environment that will propel you to the life your deserve. The regular price is $99 per month and as a Founding Member you pay just $29 per month - for life!

Each month we will work on a different leadership topic that will help you to develop the leader within you and become the best version of yourself.

Chris J. Baker Mastermind Community

Your Growth Journey Starts Here


In this exclusive mastermind community you have the opportunity to learn the growth principals that will enable you to understand that it is your choice to become the best version of yourself, or carry on living as you are now.


As you learn the principals I will be encouraging and empowering you to put them into practice so that you are living them every single day. Consistency compounds and becomes contagious - this is the key to sustained growth.

Yes, I am ready to join NOW!


True significance comes from helping others. As a member of this exclusive community, I will be asking you to help by teaching the principals to enable a wider audience so that they can discover their freedom, to grow and to develop.

Mastermind Community!

Here is what you will get:

  • 2 Live teaching calls every month
  • Access to a secure online Community page
  • Bonus materials and worksheets
  • VIP access to future events
  • Lifetime access at this reduced price

...and more benefits to come


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