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Daily Tips Email Series

I created this informative email series with my "Daily tips" that, if followed, will change your life. You will receive 15 emails in total, 5 per week, over a 3 week period. I use examples from my own life in the UK and more recently the US working for Disney.

The messages within these tips offer a glimpse into my thought process and will challenge you to open your mind and expand your thinking in ways that you have never done before. By the end of the 3 weeks you will know whether I am someone that you can work with and, if so, it will be my pleasure to continue on your growth journey with you.

You can scroll down to see some of the comments that I have received form participants in my email series so take your time, review these, watch the video on the link below and if you are ready to Release Your Unconscious potential click "Sign up" and start the journey with me today.

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"The series you had done has inspired, motivated and taught me a lot! Highly appreciated all the notes, details and quotes that offered a personal approach to what does it means to be a coach and leader. Great job!"


"I really enjoyed the daily tips messages that I received from Chris. His ability to connect the lesson to a personal experience I feel is powerful and helps for me to be able to relate to. It also tells me that growth happens over time and is something that we all must continue to be pursuing. I feel all the lessons and tips tie together and one must be working to apply all lessons to find the success that you are looking for. I’m very grateful to have someone like Chris who is truly vested in your success"

Zach Varnes
Leader - The Walt Disney Company

"Thank you for all the inspirational and the learning emails. The emails helped me a lot by inspiring me as I continue my growth journey."

Hicham Regragui
The Walt Disney Company