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What are you doing to make 2020 your best year ever?

Oct 10, 2019

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Strength Zone

Sep 25, 2019

All employees should be working within their strength zone so why is it that so many organizations fail to recognize this fact?

We all have strengths, areas of opportunities, and weaknesses. There are multiple assessments available on the market that identify these and often these are used during retreats or off-site team building events but when we get back to the workplace they usually find their way to the desk drawer, never to be seen again, so what was the point? Whether it is Myers-Briggs, Strength finders, True colors, DISC, or any of the other popular assessments, they are only as good as the follow up and action that follows the results.

When you think about your own strengths, how much time do you spend daily working in that zone? For most people I would estimate that it is less than 50% of your day and I guarantee that you would be far more productive if this figure was 80-100%, would you agree?

When you are working on tasks that use your strengths you feel happier and...

Gapology Radio Interview

Sep 16, 2019

This week I was honored to be interviewed on Gapology Radio to share how the principles in my book, 10 Steps 2 Freedom, can help to transform your life in 10 simple steps.


Sep 03, 2019

Ready, aim....

Aug 28, 2019

Look at the picture for this blog and spot the difference (apart from the words). What do you think it is?

The archer in the top picture is ready and is aiming, over and over again whereas the archer in the bottom picture is ready, he aims, them he fires. The difference between the two is that archer number two sees a target that he is aiming at and therefore he is able to pull the trigger and take action to hit it. Archer number one has no idea what he is aiming at and therefore he spends all of his time aiming and never taking action.

One thing that I can guarantee with 100% certainty is that when you have no idea what you are aiming at you will never hit it. Some of you might be saying, "I could get lucky and hit it by chance" and yes, you could however if you do not know what it is you will not recognized the fact that you have hit it and will continue to aim at nothing, thereby missing the opportunity!

Identify your purpose, create a vision of the future you desire, then take...

Who are you?

Aug 21, 2019

Who are you?

This may seem like a strange question to ask so bear with me. We all know who we are on the outside in our current being but not many people understand who they are deep down. What drives you, what is your motivation, what excites you, and what would you do with your life if money was no object?

These are questions that I believe everyone should answer. You may not like what you find because it usually involves a lot of soul searching then hard work to change direction to pursue the life you choose. This is why most people end up settling for what they have, living a safe, average life and working towards retirement when they believe they can do what they want.

This is what conventional thinking tells us to do, after all. The challenge is that the result of this acceptance for what we have is a society where just okay is becoming good enough. Many people are becoming disengaged in their work and careers which is lowing the level of "average" and making it harder to get...