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Your future is in your hands

body mind soul Aug 01, 2019

How many times has someone said to you that your future is in your hands? Maybe you have heard this before or this could be the first time. I will tell you that I had heard this multiple times and there was always something missing - how to take control!

This is a pretty major piece of the jigsaw puzzle and without this information it is almost impossible to achieve, so what is the answer?

The truth is that you will never achieve any sustained level of significance alone. You will need a guide and mentor to help you navigate the rough waters that come with personal growth and new awareness. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication and in the microwave society that we live in people are usually not prepared to put in the time and effort that is required.

The first step is to identify your purpose, that is who you are and what you want from your life. This sounds simple but it is not easy. Many people skate through this quickly and do not take the necessary time to fully understand themselves before moving forward. I was one of these people and it sent me on a long, winding road without a true destination. Is it any wonder that I felt my life was spinning and going nowhere?

I wrote my new book, 10 Steps 2 Freedom, to help guide you through this process by using stories from my own life and also the journey that Walt Disney took. In this book I act as your guide and mentor and together we can help you to take control of your destiny and live the life that you desire.

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