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Agree or Disagree

body soul Aug 04, 2018

When someone disagrees with a statement or stance that you have made what do you think and how do you react?

I believe that most of us have a tendency to be defensive when this happens and maybe come out fighting with a response. When you are on a growth journey you will find your mindset around this situation changes, I know it did for me.

It is important to remember that there are always two sides to every story and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As my thinking expands I find myself asking why other people think differently to me in circumstances as noted above.

Maybe they, or I, do not have all of the facts and therefore the opinion may change once these have been clarified?

Maybe we just have different opinions, and that is OK too. We live in a world where freedom of speech and thought is encouraged so we should not expect everyone to agree with us all of the time.

When someone disagrees with you do not take it personally and attack them. Instead take time to work with the people that do agree with you and defend them.

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