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soul Apr 14, 2018

In my reflection time every morning I wait for a word to come into my mind and this word becomes the subject of my daily blog. Today I experienced several words rolling around in my mind but one stood out and this word is care.

As I pondered on this subject I thought about the phrase: People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

This is very true and one that everyone should take to heart. When I think about it from my own point of view I remember the people in my past who seemed to be more interested in showing how great they were, completing tasks for me rather than showing me what to do, "demanding" respect because they were the best, and not really caring about anyone but themselves.

I then thought about the people who took time to listen to me, to ask questions about how I was feeling, whether I understood something, and what they could do to help me. These people I did respect and trust. These were the people that I would do anything for - walk through fire, put myself on the line, and go the extra mile.

Show people that you care and they will give you 100%.


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