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Asking for help

body Jul 31, 2018

Throughout my career I have found that most people are reluctant to ask for help. I will add that I was one of these people, even though I didn't realize it at the time.

So why are we so reluctant to ask for help?

I recently asked one of my team this same question and the answer was one that I suspect many people would give. He said that he felt like he should know everything and by not knowing what to do he was showing a weakness. Does this sound familiar?

An interesting fact regarding the answer above, is that this gentleman wants to become a trainer, so I followed up by asking him what he would think if his students didn't ask for help when they didn't know the answer? I could sense the cogs going in his mind and he gained a new perspective.

The truth is, we are not expected to know everything. I teach that we should learn something every day and if we already know everything this wouldn't be possible.

Growth is a journey that takes time. It is not always easy and sometimes it may even be painful however, it will definitely be worthwhile so be persistent and keep moving forward.

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