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body mind soul Apr 11, 2018

Self-Image is quite simply how you see yourself. It sounds simple doesn't it, so why do so many people have a low image of themselves?

I often find my self pondering this question and have a few theories.

One is that people inherently choose to live within their comfort zone. By this I mean that they don't like to take risks for fear of failing. When we fail it makes us feel inadequate. However, failure is merely a state of mind too. I prefer to describe a situation where something didn't go as planned as being a temporary setback, not a failure.

A temporary setback is something that we can learn from, regroup, re-strategize, and try again. By doing so we will overcome obstacles, defeat adversity, and grow into something better than we are today, increasing our self-image as a result.

Don't settle for existing in your comfort zone. Be intentional about increasing your self-image and become the best version of yourself, and always remember these words:

You will never outperform your own self-image.

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