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Millennials - Maximizing their potential

Aug 12, 2019

Millennials make up the largest generation percentage of the workforce, approximately 35%, and they are also one of the least engaged with only 29% are engaged while 55% are not engaged, and 16% are actively - according to

This means that the biggest challenge faced by organizations today is, tp paraphrase the Sound of Music, "How do you handle a problem like Millennials". I will add that I do not see Millenials as a problem, they just have a different mindset and expectations so mastering the art of tapping into their potential is key. As a Millennial reading this article I would say that you also need to understand how the corporate world works and what you can do to promote yourself in a positive way that attracts attention for the right reasons.

Your most precious resource

Without a doubt, people are the most precious resource in any business - hands down! Without the people all you have is an empty box with no substance. People are what brings your business...

Your future is in your hands

Aug 01, 2019

How many times has someone said to you that your future is in your hands? Maybe you have heard this before or this could be the first time. I will tell you that I had heard this multiple times and there was always something missing - how to take control!

This is a pretty major piece of the jigsaw puzzle and without this information it is almost impossible to achieve, so what is the answer?

The truth is that you will never achieve any sustained level of significance alone. You will need a guide and mentor to help you navigate the rough waters that come with personal growth and new awareness. This takes a lot of hard work and dedication and in the microwave society that we live in people are usually not prepared to put in the time and effort that is required.

The first step is to identify your purpose, that is who you are and what you want from your life. This sounds simple but it is not easy. Many people skate through this quickly and do not take the necessary time to fully...


May 19, 2019

If you feel like life is dealing you a rough hand and no matter what you try you cannot seem to move forward, think about this.

A caterpillar is happy until one day they enter the metamorphosis process and go into a cocoon. Suddenly they are no longer free. They feel restricted and are living in the dark. What must they be feeling when this happens?

They work though this process and eventually they emerge as a beautiful butterfly and are able to soar through the sky, experiencing things that they never thought possible before.

Which stage of your own transformation are you in?

Are you a caterpillar who is going through the motions, unsure of what is available to you?

Are you in the cocoon, feeling trapped and unsure of how you move forward or even whether you are worthy of moving forward?

If you are already a butterfly use that new found freedom to release your potential and see how far you can soar.

Wherever you are in this process understand this: it is a process and if you...

If it ain't broke - don't fix it!

Apr 27, 2019

For many years I lived by this statement: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

As I travel along my growth journey I now realize that this is very much a scarcity mindset and if we never "fixed" things that weren't broken, we wouldn't have all of the technological advances we have today.

In this video I share my thoughts on Scarcity versus Abundance mindsets and how we can use them in our every day life.

Why do so few people know their why?

Apr 20, 2019

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Hire for Attitude, Train for Aptitude

Apr 16, 2019

"Hire for Attitude, Train for Aptitude"

You have probably heard this statement before but when push comes to shove, do you do it? Do you stick your neck out and offer the position to someone who has potential but will take more work initially and almost certainly get off to a slower start, or, do you go with the tried and tested who you know will be up and running quickly, even if they don’t always display the best attitude? In my experience, the answer for most organizations is the latter.

How many times have you heard someone say:

“You don’t have the experience that we need”, or,

“We need to see some testimonials from people that you have done this role for in the past”

It happens everywhere, maybe you have even been guilty of this yourself? As an employee this used to frustrate me because how do you get the “experience” if no one gives you a chance? It is also true that everyone starts somewhere so how did the person saying this to...

Why should you have a why?

Apr 09, 2019

Many of us are caught in the "hamster wheel" of life. We go along "hoping" and "praying" that something will happen which will make us successful and happy. The thing is: hope and prayer are not strategies alone. Yes, we need to maintain hope but it needs to be backed with intentional actions that take us towards our destiny.

This begs the next question: What are you aiming for in life? Too many of us are not able to clearly articulate what we want, why, because we are taught to think small, to play safe, and not get ideas above our stations in life - Baloney!!

I want you to dream big, to shoot for the stars, to pursue significance in your life knowing that this will bring you happiness. Before you can do this you need to know WHY it is so important to you. What is it about this dream that generates emotions and feelings that are so strong you would run through a burning building to reach the destination?

Identify your purpose and then pursue it with a desire that becomes an all...

Dreams, wishes, then what?

Mar 19, 2019

Here is the latest episode of my podcast where I expand on my origin story that I shared in episode 6.


My Origin Story

Mar 14, 2019