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Aug 30, 2018
In "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill wrote: "As knowledge is acquired it must be organized and put into use, for a definite purpose, through practical plans. Knowledge has no value except which can be gained from it's application toward some worthy end"
This is why I am opening my Academy later this month. I realize that there are many people who have amassed knowledge in various formats but are not sure how to apply it. Whether you are a coach, speaker, teacher, aspiring business owner, emerging leader, or you are looking to advance your career, this monthly membership community will help you to put your knowledge into application and achieve your dreams.
Registration will be opening soon and if you want priority notification send me a message and I will add you to the growing list.
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Adversity shows character

Aug 29, 2018

It is said that you do not know the character of a person until you have observed how they handle adversity. I believe that this is true because when things are going well it is easy to remain positive and maintain your actions. However, when things are not going to plan and you face adversity, how you react defines your character.

Another famous saying is that when the going gets tough the tough get going and this is also true. You see, if you do not have a clear understanding of your purpose and vision there will be a tendency to change track and find an easier destination when faced with tough times.  However, when you have a clear understanding of your purpose and vision you will power through the tough times and find a detour that will get you back on track to your original destination - your dream.

Think about this in your own life and answer the question honestly to yourself: How have you handled adversity or setbacks in the past?


When you give you grow

Aug 28, 2018

When you give you grow......

There are people who give to receive, and there are those who give because it is the right thing to do. The former may receive short term gains but the latter will receive in the long term and grow as a result.

 "You will get all you want in life if you help other people get what they want" - Zig Ziglar

My fulfillment comes from adding value to others and helping them to become the best version of themselves, showing them that it is possible to live their dreams and find a life of freedom and happiness.

You can have this to and the best way to achieve it is to give and then grow.

Impress you or impress upon you

Aug 27, 2018

When you are listening to a speaker or reading an article, is the message designed to impress you, or impress upon you?

There is an important difference between these two intentions. When someone is trying to impress you with their story it is not for anyone's benefit other than boosting their own ego. The opposite is true when the author is aiming to impress upon you as this message is for your benefit - to add value to you and make a difference.

We all influence people and it is our responsibility to impress upon them, not impress them.

Success and Failure are both the result of habits

Aug 26, 2018

Success and Failure are both the result of habits. Habits are actions and behaviors that require little or no conscious thought, in other words they have become natural.

Habits are formed over a period of time, which can range between 2 weeks and 2 years depending on the complexity of the behavior. Sometimes we make conscious decisions to form these habits and sometimes they naturally occur. Either way, if we want to improve we should be conscious of what is happening in our lives and why.

I believe that we should analyze our results and reflect on what worked, what didn't work, and what can be done differently in the future. Many people  only reflect on failures, and while this is important it is just as important to analyze success too so that you can continually improve.

What habits are influencing your performance and do they need changing?

Letting Go

Aug 25, 2018

Mastering the art of letting go will help you to move forward with a purpose. Here are some examples:

  • Letting go of caring about what people think leads to authenticity.
  • Letting go of comparing your self to others will lead to creativity.
  • Letting go of the need for certainty and the right time will lead to intuition and trust in faith.
  • Letting go of self doubt will lead to meaningful work.
  • Letting go of the fear of failure will lead to new opportunities.
  • Letting go of a scarcity mindset will lead to abundance.
  • Letting go of your limiting beliefs will lead to unlimited potential.

What will you choose to let go of today?


Aug 24, 2018

What is integrity?

The definition is: Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.

Integrity is one of the most commonly used words when people, or companies, are asked to describe their values or strengths. In reality I wonder who many truly know what it means and actually walk the walk, not just talk the talk?

It is easy to say that you have integrity yet, when push comes to shove, shy away from it because it is not always easy to follow. I have seen this first hand and, if I am completely honest, have probably been guilty of this in the past, have you?

We should have a core set of values that we hold dear and do not compromise, with integrity being one of the pillars. I encourage you to do the right thing in every situation, even if it means that you will be temporarily disadvantaged. If you do the right thing it will result in good things coming to you in the future and, above all, you will feel good about yourself!


Aug 23, 2018

If we only look at what we have in front of us we will never find progress. This may sound like an obvious statement and I challenge you to look at your own situation and ask yourself whether you do this?

I know that I used to and it was only when I started being curious, asking questions, that I started moving forward and finding answers that created room for improvement.

There is a lot of research that shows how many questions children ask and, in comparison, how many adults ask. If you take the lower end of the statistics it is said that adults ask on average 9 questions per day where children ask 125 - that is a massive difference and is the main reason why children are the best learners.

Start asking more questions, look for doors that can open new possibilities, and find a way to learn and develop every day.


Aug 22, 2018

I struggled with life, not knowing what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. Does this sound familiar? I suspect that most people feel this way at least some time during their life, and maybe for an extended period.

The challenge is that if you do not have a clear picture of why you exist, why you do what you do, and where you want your life to go, it is highly unlikely that you will ever find true freedom and happiness.

In my experience I have observed that people usually change for one of two reasons: crisis, or desperation. You may think this is inaccurate, so look back at your life and think about when you have made major changes, why was that?

Clarity is the key. As soon as I discovered my purpose, my "why", it was like a curtain had been lifted and I could see the path ahead. When you get on this path the world is a better place and the future becomes bright.

Try it, leave the mist and darkness and find the light, hope, and inspiration that will lead you to freedom and...

Continuous learning

Aug 21, 2018

As I studied the chapter on "Specialized Knowledge" from Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich" this morning the following sentence stood out to me:

"Those who are not successful usually make the mistake of believing that the knowledge acquiring period ends when one finishes school"

Specialized knowledge is not the traditional "education" as we have come to know it. This is knowledge that sets you apart from the crowd, it is what makes you unique or gives you an advantage. Knowledge that is gained at school is general knowledge and while this will result in qualifications or diplomas it means nothing unless it is put to use.

I have seen a lot of people who have a degree or qualification in a subject that they are not using in their current position so it raises the question as to what the advantage of this is? Compare that with the person who has completed an apprenticeship and worked their way through the ranks, learning the business from the ground up - who has the more...