Boost with Baker

Jul 07, 2018

My mission is to add value to other people so that they can become the best version of themselves and as part of this process I introduce to you - "Boost with Baker"

I was inspired this morning by my mentor, John Maxwell, and his "Minute with Maxwell" post on growth. This made me think about the two quotes below, from Thomas Jefferson:

“Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”


“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.”

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Trial and Error

Jul 06, 2018

I have learned a lot by trial and error, and I continue to do so. When you stretch yourself you move out of your comfort zone. When you move out of your comfort zone you are trying things that you haven't done before and therefore the likelihood of making errors is higher. I understand now that this is the only way to continually grow.

I got to thinking about this today as I am starting a live webinar series and, to be honest, the technology (or more likely me) didn't work how I intended. The live event didn't happen as planned but I was able to record the webinar and post it immediately so all was not lost. In the past I would have been extremely frustrated and it would have bothered me for a long time. Now, I understand that when I push the boundaries things will not always go to plan.

Continue to push, make mistakes and learn as you go. It is the only way to achieve sustained success so keep going and know that you will NEVER be ready so just do it now!

The power of giving

Jul 05, 2018

I have always been a believer in satisfaction coming from giving and I am happier when I give than I am when I receive. I notice this at Christmas and Birthday when my parents ask me what I want for a gift I have no idea. Do I have everything that I desire in life? No, but I do have the smaller material things so I find it difficult to answer the question about what gift I want. I am not a hoarder of artifacts either so unless it is useful I don't really need or want it.

The power of giving is so much stronger than merely sending a gift. It is the thought that has gone into the act of giving along with the care and love associated with it. Giving does not have to be a monetary thing, in fact it often means a whole lot more when it isn't. A simple "Thank you", or "well done" is an act of giving and has a powerful impact on the recipient. Think about the last time someone said one of these things to you, how did it make you feel?

I aim to make a difference to someone every day of my...


Jul 04, 2018

There is a lot of publicity about preserving our environment for the sake of our future and to preserve the earth. I wholeheartedly agree with recycling and being environmentally friendly because the future of our planet depends on it. Today I want to take this concept and apply it to ourselves because the same theory and rules apply.

"We are what we are, because of the vibrations of thought which we pick up and register, through the stimuli of our daily environment" - Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.
  • What does your environment look like?
  • Is it helping or hindering your growth?
  • What are you doing to ensure that you are in the right environment?

These are questions that you may not have asked yourself before but I strongly recommend that you do because the answers will dictate your future. I realized this and made some major decisions based on my own answers - and it feels great, very liberating, which is quite appropriate for July 4th don't you thing?

There are too many...


Jul 03, 2018

If you have been following my journey you will know that I am studying "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

As I continue my Intensive 2 study my group are on the chapter: "Faith" this month and these lines stood out to me this morning so I wanted to share:
ALL THOUGHTS WHICH HAVE BEEN EMOTIONALIZED, (given feeling) AND MIXED WITH FAITH, begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart.
So I ask you to think about your own life:
  • What are do you want to do with it?
  • Do these thoughts create strong emotions within you (a desire)?
  • Now, are you ready to turn them into their physical equivalent?

I am sure that you think about your past and your future from time to time. Maybe you wonder what would have happened if you had taken a certain route? Maybe you dream about becoming something particular in the future? These thoughts are seeds and you need to nurture them so that they grow into a physical thing. This is the...

Habits and Discipline

Jul 02, 2018

You need discipline to form a habit but they are not the same thing. Discipline is training yourself to behave in a particular way which, after time, will transform into a habit, that is when something becomes natural.

In earlier posts I referred to research that suggested a habit takes 3 weeks to form, although I did caveat this with the fact that it can take 2-3 months to become natural. This is backed up by more recent research which shows it can be anything from 18-254 days, depending on the complexity of the task. The sweet spot is actually 66 days, so right in the 2-3 months time frame.

The key is not giving up. The most difficult time in forming a habit is at the start. The longer you persist the easier it gets until, in time, it becomes natural. It is also a fact that we can only focus on one thing at a time so do not try and form multiple new habits at the same time as this will merely confuse your mind and hinder your progress.

I cover this concept in more detail during my...

Your Third Quarter

Jul 01, 2018

My name is Chris Baker and I want to start by asking you some questions:

  • Are you struggling to find your purpose?
  • Have you identified your “why” – that is, what makes you happy and gives you a sense of fulfillment?
  • Do you want more from your life?

I struggled with this for a long time. There I was, a leader for Disney, working at the happiest place on earth climbing the career ladder and all looked good from the outside in.

The thing is, at the time I was struggling to find my direction. I had been over looked for a promotion, one that everyone said I should have got, and it hurt like crazy.

I had lost all focus and direction. I suffered some serious consequences as a result – my marriage broke down, I started to hide behind alcohol and I got into serious debt. I was at my wits end, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I had no purpose to my life and I was drifting aimlessly. I was desperately searching for a direction. You see, I knew that I...


Jun 30, 2018

Over the years we would all say that we have learned a lot, right? How much of this learning have we actually retained and how much do we use on a daily basis?

I know one of my memories from school was regarding learning things that I never imagined using in life, so what was the point? I still question this and so in my daily life I look to learn things that I can use to enhance my life and future every day. This is what I call "Practical learning" and it is my dream to have a program that offers this to our youth so that they can choose degrees and careers that they WANT to be in. Wouldn't that be good?

I am starting by working with my own generation, the 40-somethings and empty nesters, that didn't have this opportunity. I am showing them that it is never too late to find a NEW life leading to Financial Freedom where you can spend more time with your family. After all, who wouldn't want that?

I invite you to join me on this journey and find your own new life so that you can say...

"To-do" Lists

Jun 29, 2018

Are you a user of the famous "To-do" lists?

I have used these for a while and, if you are anything like me, they usually sit on the desk, the counter top, or in a drawer and rarely get referenced! Why then do we use them and how can we be more effective with our use of them to get the things that need doing, done?

One way is to learn how to prioritize your "To-do" list. On the list you will have things that "could" be done and you will also have things that "should" be done. The "should do" trump the "could do" so move them onto your priority list. From there work out what will give the greatest reward and return and prioritize further. Then, and only then, you need to schedule time to complete these tasks.

I am not suggesting that you ignore the "could do" list as these still have a place, I am merely saying that the "should do" list needs completing first so that you avoid becoming distracted. Try it and let me know how you get on.

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One Thing

Jun 28, 2018

Most people, like me, would struggle to identify one thing that is the most beneficial to their progress. Think about it for a moment; if you could only do one thing this week what would you choose to do?

The concept behind this idea is focus. When we focus on something we are generally successful - that is, if we are focusing on the right thing of course. The ideal thing is to focus on the thing that you are passionate about or are most skilled at. When you love doing something, or are good at it, you generally enjoy it so focusing on this should be easier and more productive.

This theory blends in with my own work of helping you to identify your purpose and then using that to clearly define a dream - the one thing that will change your life. The subject is too broad to dig deeply into through this blog so if this had peaked your interest and you want to learn more email me at [email protected] and I will send you more details on how you can change your life.