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Past or Future

May 11, 2018

Here is a question for you, and when you answer it be honest with yourself!

Do you tend to dwell on what has happened in the past (good or bad) or do you look forward to the challenge of your unknown future?

On the face of it this may see like a straight forward question but think about it for a few minutes before deciding on an answer. I may even suggest that you take a note pad joy down throughout the day what you are thinking about. When you reflect back on the day, week, and month, what trends do you see?

When I did this for the first time I realized that I was dwelling on the past too much. I was feeling sorry for myself and using that as a crutch and excuse for why things weren't going well in my life.

It is a fact that you cannot change what has already happened - try it and prove me wrong if you can! The only day you can make a difference is today. I hear people who say they are working to influence the future and yes, while what you do today will affect tomorrow the action...

Leading through Influennce

May 10, 2018

My good friend, Jay Goff, and myself held our first Facebook live session last night entitled: Leading through Influence. We has intended to broadcast for 30 minutes as an introduction and then follow up with shows every week of a similar length. We are so passionate about this subject, the material flowed, people were interacting with us and we ended up with an 80 minute show!

So why are we so passionate about leading through influence?

Jay is a 26 year veteran and in his business, Goff Impact Consulting, he is developing a program around 3 spheres of influence. I have over 20 years leadership experience in the UK and also with the Walt Disney Company so I live and breath this topic every day.

We believe that leaders influence followers to improve results. We also believe that everyone is a potential leader, whether they have it in their title or not. Asking for input and then empowering people to do the right thing will encourage ownership and responsibility which, in turn,...

Being a great leader

May 09, 2018

What does it take to be a great leader?

Yes, I know that this is a big open ended question! Have you taken time to think about this in the past? If not, you should because if you want to become a great leader yourself it is important to understand what it takes in your own mind.

There are certain words that stand out to me when I think of a great leader:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Honest
  • Motivational
  • Role model
  • Open
  • Approachable
  • Good listener

I could go on but I want you to think of words that demonstrate a great leader to you. Next, think about who you know that demonstrates these traits and are they a great leader? How do you think that you measure up, and more importantly what do your direct reports and peers think about you?

Tough questions, but ones that you need to answer if you want to rise to the top. One caveat - don't cheat, you need to be honest and true to yourself as you are unique and wonderful because of that.

Join my friend Jay Goff and myself as we discuss leadership and...

Who do you associate with?

May 08, 2018

Jim Rohn says that we become the average of the 5 people who we associate with the most. With this quote in mind, think about who you want to become and who you associate with - do they match?

I did this exercise a few years ago and found that they didn't. As I went on my own growth journey I faced criticism from people around me and found this strange at first. When I thought about it more I realized this said more about them than it did about me. I was being who I wanted to be.

I had found my purpose and desire and it excited me. I was told that I was not being myself but the fact is, I wasn't being myself before. I had been hiding behind other things, avoiding the things that I needed to face and living within a comfort zone that ultimately was bringing me down.

Who do you associate with the most and are they helping you or hindering your progress?

Not enough time or training

May 07, 2018

Does you feel like to person in this picture; too many tasks, not enough time, and never really trained how to handle the pressures of leadership? She is like a duck, on the surface everything looks happy but underneath she is like a hamster on a wheel.

A lot of people do and as I conduct my research I am finding that there are a lot of companies that promote people into leadership positions and just expect them to be successful. I will also add that I have found a number of companies that have a robust and successful on boarding process but why is this not every company?

Leadership is not something that you are born with, you can learn to be a good leader. However, it does take other successful leaders and an organized process to make this a reality.

If you want to know more, reach out to me and I can show you how you can learn to lead through influence and become the best version of yourself.

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Looking for leaders

May 06, 2018

Are you looking for leaders? I am.

Why is this so important? Because leaders shape the future. Good leaders are not born, they are taught and to do this we need good leaders to teach them. I have written about habits, which can be good and bad. I have seen many people start off their career well and then fall into bad habits as they start to listen to the "Experienced" employees that show them the short cuts.

News flash.......There are no short cuts to success!

Whether you own your own business or you are an employee, is there a program in place to develop emerging leaders? For most businesses I would say that the answer is no. This frustrates me and I have seen a lot of times when people have been promoted to a leadership position without any training and insights, and are expected to be a success. Some will be, but sadly most will not. This is not their fault and I am making it my mission to overcome this shortfall.

Contact me to book your complimentary consultation to find out...


May 05, 2018

I believe that "Why" is the foundation of everything, whether you are looking at it from and individual, team, or organization viewpoint. Too many companies fail because they move way from, or forget, their why. Others fail because they do not share their why with the employees.

As an individual it is equally important to find your why and then align yourself with people and a company that compliments your values and vision. When you don't, you have the danger of falling into the trap of being in a job that you don't like.

I am sure that there have been times when feel like you are stuck in a rut but have you ever asked yourself why that is? Usually it is because you are not pursuing your passion and are doing something that doesn't fulfill you. Do yourself a favor and look into how you can find your own why. I have programs available on and whether you come to me for help or not, please do something so that you know that you are on the path to happiness.

Reality check

May 04, 2018

I had a harsh dose of reality check this morning when I missed a meeting. You should know that tardiness is one of my pet hates. I follow the saying that on time is late, 5 minutes early is on time!

I had arranged to meet someone at a Starbucks about 45 minutes away from my house. I didn't know the area so I did what I normally do and set the destination into the Google Maps app on my phone. I had plugged the phone in to charge and removed it as I left the house. All was well and I set off on my journey. The projected arrival time was 5 minutes before the meeting was due so I was doing well.

30-minutes into my journey my phone died. I had relied on the GPS to get me to my destination. I knew what road it was on but I didn't know whether it was East or West - safe to say I chose the wrong direction and by the time I realized and turned round it was too late and I missed the appointment.

The reality check I received was two fold. Firstly, be prepared and have a back up plan in case...


May 03, 2018

At every presentation I facilitate on failing forward, moving out of your comfort zone, and how to beat average I start by asking the audience how many have a clear picture of a dream. The usual answer is between 2-5% of the participants say yes, I have a clear dream.

At first this statistic shocked me and I thought it was an anomaly but it isn't, every time it is in the same range, or sometimes less!

There are four main reasons why people do not pursue their dream and the first one is discouragement from others. This prompted me to think about why this is. After all, why would you discourage someone else from pursuing something that they love.

As I studied this further I came to the conclusion that it is a fear of failure. Not that the person who is being discouraged may fail - more that the person who is discouraging them will feel inadequate and a failure if the other person succeeds!

We all have the power to follow our dreams so do not discourage others for doing so. By all...


May 02, 2018

Do you follow directions or are you following a direction?

You may be saying to yourself now: What is he talking about they are the same thing?

Actually there is a subtle difference by removing the plural. Directions are instructions that you are given to complete a task. For example, following a recipe, putting together a piece of furniture, or working out how to program your DVR player.

Direction is a vision of why you want to do something, your why. This is something that you choose, not something that is provided to you.

So let me ask you again: Are you following directions or do you have a direction?


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