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My Dream

Jul 09, 2018

As I approached and passed the half way point in my life I started to think about what I had achieved so far and, more importantly, what lay ahead. I have to be honest and say that the picture was bleak. I had achieved a lot professionally and was regarded as successful in my career but my personal life was a disaster and my inner self felt empty.

What could I do about this? I knew that I still had a good chunk of time ahead of me (God willing) so what could I do to find fulfillment and satisfaction both personally and professionally in my second half?

I started by digging deep and identifying my purpose - my why. During this process it became obvious to me that there was a pattern where I enjoyed helping others to succeed. My Parent had both been teachers so I guess this was ingrained on me but as a teenager I was stubborn and wanted to follow my own path, and what a long and troubled path it turned out to be!

I have learned some good lessons on my journey and also collected some...