Youth Leadership Summit


Our first ever Youth Leadership Virtual Summit was a huge success.

The information we shared will help prepare you and your young adults for the best start in life possible. We brought 21 Inspirational speakers from all over the world to serve you - see the list below.

While you may not have been able to join us for these 3-days of world class content, you can still get lifetime access here for just $49.

Meet Your Speakers

Chris Baker

Chris is a Walt Disney Legacy Award recipient, Certified John Maxwell Coach, DISC Human behavior consultant, Youth Leadership coach, and host of the Maximize Your Potential Podcast. Chris's mission is to Develop Tomorrow's Leaders Today through his Acorns 2 Oaks Leadership Academy.

Lee Kitchen

Lee is a 5-Star Innovation Catalyst, Keynote speaker, Workshop Leader, Culture-change Agent, Design Thinking Trainer, Avengers and Star Wars Fanboy and overall MAGICAL DUDE! During his 32-Years with the Walt Disney Company he helped create some of their most impactful marketing campaigns.

Vanessa Jane Patrick

Vanessa Jane Patrick is a Personality Profiler, International Speaker, Group Trainer and Transformational Coach who empowers individuals and teams to discover who they are, have the courage to live authentically and to meaningfully contribute to the world.

Al Ruttan

Al is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who works with businesses of all sizes, from CEO's to front line Managers and their teams. Al is passionate about family, reading and self development and finds great satisfaction in helping others reach their fullest potential.

Ronnie Cunningham

Ronnie is the President/CEO of Ryan's Village USA, a Georgia based non-profit committed to developing youth and young adult leaders through an innovative process of community connection training and general collaboration. He has trained leadership transformation to Faith-based groups, Government, Academia and Youth Groups Internationally.

Lenita Abouchabake

Lenita's passion for health and Young people always empowered her into ways to educate youth on how to become healthy, confident, and resilient. This passion led her to become a Physical Education Teacher, to raise awareness on the importance of Student well-being and she now runs The Wellbeing Warrior Project.

Katrina Goff

Katrina is a National Speaker and member of the CoxHealth Wellness for Warriors advisory board. She is a positive psychology practitioner who works with the Military, First-responders, medical and dental healthcare systems, schools and individual clients.

Jay Goff

Born and raised in West Texas, jay grew up in an environment of hatred, neglect, and abuse. It wasn't until he ran away from home to join the US Army at age 17 that he found he had a purpose that mattered. Jay discovered and understood the importance of intentional influence and is now dedicated to helping others.

Margaretrose Cox

Margaretrose spent much of her working life in Customer Service and in 2018 made the decision to pursue her passion of helping others as a full time Career by joining the John Maxwell Team and a Teaching Partner with the Empowered Living Community. She understands the struggles young adults face today through working with many college age clients.

Ed Reed

Ed has served in various leadership roles in private industry and Secondary Schools. After 20 years developing students, teachers, and administrators Ed realized the best way to serve future generations was to become an influential leader who impacts those who impact others in families, schools, and the community.

Gabriela Humailo

Gabriela's purpose is to help women and men who know the feeling of being a victim to change it to one of a victor by choosing to take control, redesign their life and change their thinking to live a free, happy and harmonious life. Gabriela moved from Europe to the US in 2019 and opened a non-profit: I Choose - I am not a Victim.

Audra Fournier

Audra Fournier is the owner and founder of Partners for a Solution, LLC, assisting clients in their professional life and business coaching to recognize their greatest potential through guidance and accountability. The mission of the company is to collaborate with clients in a thought provoking and creative process, inspiring each one to reach their personal, professional, and business potential.

Crystal Dunlop

Crystal is the CHRO at one of Canada's largest accounting and consultancy firms. She is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, for teaching, coaching and speaking. Crystal has learned the ins and outs of life by design and living life on purpose as a Mom of 4 and she continues to grow and learn everyday.

Milena Rekowska

Milena was born and raised in Poland and attended the Building Engineering college before moving to the USA in 2002. She serves her community as a Realtor, a Leadership Chair at Keller Williams Young Professionals and found her passion for youth since joining the John Maxwell Team. She is a former boxing trainer and has a vision to empower the next generation with self discovery and leadership skills.

Caitlin Hamberger

Caitlin is am ambitious young professional who completed the Disney College program and 2 Internships during and after graduating with her Bachelors degree from SUNY. She is now pursuing her Masters at Columbia University in NYC while also working for the Walt Disney Company.

Corinne Zuleger

Corinne is a Transformational Life coach who lost her Dad and Brother to substances. After this happened she vowed that it would never happen to one more person she loved! She researched trauma to gain a deeper understanding about mental health issues, shame, and vulnerability.

Laura Iglesias-Campbell

Director of Education at a Long Island Crisis Center. She has worked with students in crisis, families and schools in crisis, as well as for prevention at various Long Island Districts, for the past 11 years. She is passionate about educating and empowering our youth to rise during times of adversity, be their own advocate, and regulate emotions.

Rhotochia Atkins-Jones

Certified DISC Consultant, Speaker, Business and Leadership Development Coach of Fresh Fire Coaching Services. She has twenty years of Executive Administrative Assistant experience employed with the New York City Police Department.

Olivia Russo-Hood

Founder of Save The Earth Projects and Youth Advocate with the John Maxwell Team.

Azita Alavi

Azita is the founder of The Center for Leadership Excellence and The Center for Youth Leadership. She is a John Maxwell certified leadership coach, trainer, a professional speaker and a D.I.S.C. Behavioral trainer and consultant. Azita is an instructor and leads the youth Branch of the John Maxwell Team French.

Donna Rice

Donna is an International Leadership Teacher, Coach, and Speaker and is certified in Applied Positive Psychology.  She has more than 30 years of leadership and team development experience.  Most recently, Donna has spent her time delivering educational enrichment programs to children and parents.